Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Mouse is a antagonist in A:DI 2.

He was being a spare, idiotic abomination....

- Phone Guy, Night 1



He was originally going to be a scary, a withered abomination of Photo Negative Mickey, The Face, and all other Mickey suits

(Excluding Funtime Mickey because he is a robot)


He is a Mickey Mouse abomination that is mixed with:


He will become active on Night 1. He can access both the Vent and the Window. He goes in this way:

  • Lounge
  • Stairway
  • Breaker Room
  • Maxie's Outside
  • Candy's cam
  • Ceiling/Doorway

If you don't crouch to hide while he is in, you will be Jumpscared.

And the same goes for Maxie.


  1. Maxie has a chance to kill the player while hiding, unlike The Mouse.
  2. The Mouse is very weirdly connected to Maxie.
  3. Maxie's jumpscare sound is a distorted version of FNATI 2: O.R. jumpscare sound. The Mouse would have the same one.
  4. When throught the door, he seems to be standing fully up. Maxie applies a different pose.
  5. There is a chance for Jolly to come in while The Mouse waits to attack.
  6. When Maxie does, this can't happen.
  7. Maxie becomes active on Night 3, but The Mouse on Night 1.