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The Mouse Monster is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He appears to be a normal Mickey Mouse toon, but his head has a gaping hole where his face is supposed to be, the hole also has metal teeth that look like spikes, he also carries his missing face around using it as a mask, it looks exactly like a normal Mickey Mouse face, but it always has a sad/concerned expression. he also has blood on his left ear, stomach, and on both of his hands and shoes.


He starts in the Janitor's Closet, then he goes to the Bathroom, then the Meat Freezer, and finally the Office, the player must hide under the desk to make him go away, neglecting or failing will make him jumpscare the player.


He used to be a normal Mickey Mouse toon made by T.I Labs, at one point he was captured and brought back into the lab where he was injected with a unknown dosage. After a few minutes his face fell off unexpectedly, revealing the mouth, then the scientists got the people who volunteered to be used to the test, and the creature ended up killing both of them. After that he was contained in an empty room being monitored at all times, when Discovery Island was abandoned, the hinges to the locked doors leading to the room he was in had rusted away, making him able to escape.


  • Parts of his backstory are heavily inspired by Subject 01.
  • the mouth that is in the area where is face is supposed to be is based off of the mouth of Oliver from Sodor Fallout.
  • the reason why his fallen face always has a sad/concerned expression is because thats the last face the Mickey toon made before the face fell off.
  • the creature is actually not the Mickey toon, it just uses the body of it as a shell like a crab, and uses the face of it as a mask.


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