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The Mystical is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


The Mystical is a green Mickey Mouse suit, and he's also known to The Odyssey as "The Green Devil." Due to the fact The Mystical was created as an evil spirit to kill The Odyssey, The Mystical also has true demonic powers powerful enough to destroy True Mickey. He is planning to take over Discovery Island and control all of the suits, making him the most wicked out of all the suits.


The Mystical will start at Character Prep 1, then makes his way to the Staff Area, then the Meat Freezer, and finally the office. In order to get rid of him, the player must hide under the desk. Shutting the power will get rid of him but he won't be stopped by it. Failing to do will jumpscare the player, either killing him or taking him to a battle based on Sans from Undertale, when in battle with The Mystical, he will fire green bones and green Mickey Mouse heads. The player must shoot at him with yellow beams in order to defeat him but beware, he has lots of health like at least around 50,000 health in battle, the beams will usually do 100 damage.


  • The Mystical can also put up a shield for 3 seconds, making the beams the player shoots do 50 damage. Pretty unfair...
  • He can also shoot pink Mickey mouse heads and if the player shoots it, he/she gets critical beams doing 200 damage.
  • He is pretty much based off True Mickey.
    • Even tho he starts on Night 10 while True Mickey starts on Night 6, the way their battles work is different.
  • What The Mystical doesn't know in battle that the player has infinite health while in battle.
    • This could be magic from The Odyssey that the player has, making it an easy battle.
  • Once The Mystical is defeated, his soul is contained in a soul box The Odyssey summons.
  • His battle theme is Waters of Megalovania from Youtube.


"The green devil, has awakened." -After meeting him on Night 10 (Mystical Ending)

"Now you'll learn the mystical powers of The Mystical." -After getting jumpscared and then taken into battle with The Mystical.

"You cheated, besides did The Odyssey tell you do do that? The next time you see a green Mickey Mouse suit don't expect it to be me!" -After defeating The Mystical.