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"It's not my fault."

Reflection, after the Night's end.

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Requirements/Night Events

To access The Night of Truth, you must beat Night 6, and have completed one Custom Night challenge. Then, you must type "TRUTH" on your keyboard, then you will be sent to what appears to be Night 0. On this night, The Hallucination and Reflection are active and move way more often. Suicide Mouse will also activate as early as 12AM. If you die to Suicide Mouse, and re-enter the night, shutting off the power more than once will set you to 0AM. You cannot progress from this hour, making this night infinite until you die or shut off the game. Dark Oswald will either be replaced with Nightmare Dark Oswald, or a Rainbow version of him. The cameras may restart faster or slower when you shut them off. Photo Negative Mickey's head may be the only body part moving, and Disembodied will have his body. This night must be completed to receive The Hallucination and Reflection in the extras menu. If you complete this night, Reflection will be active along with The Hallucination. Reflection has different dialogue in this night.

  • "This is the truth..."
  • "Can't you see? This is a lie."
  • "I'm sorry."
  • "Keep on... I'm hoping you might stick around."