The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


"They" are a Mickey Mouse suit with Red and black Mickey suit with red shorts and what appears to almost be Orange shoes. They are able to overpower most of NowDoYourHomieShake's characters, except Greyscale Mouse and Glass.


"They" can start anywhere, The Odyssey's behavior is based off Corruptus from Abandoned Discovery Island. The player must watch out for "them." "They" can appear at the office, to get rid of The Odyssey. The player must hide under the desk, failing to do so will cause "them" to jumpscare the player.


  • The Odyssey is a suit that contains five souls from the employees, meaning that they are fused into one Mickey suit.
    • This could be the reason why The Odyssey would actually be pronounced as "They."
  • The Odyssey can also be pronounced as "him."
  • The Odyssey isn't based off Super Mario Odyssey for those who are wondering.
    • If they were, NowDoYourHomieShake would've gotten a Nintendo copyright strike because of this.
  • It is unknown how five souls manage to fit inside the suit.
    • It is also unknown how they manage to be a suit that isn't corrupted.
  • If your wondering how it got the name, it is unknown.
  • The Odyssey is not based on this.
  • NowDoYourHomieShake made this photo for The Odyssey called "Believing The Odyssey."
    • This could be The Odyssey's teaser or possibly his jumpscare.
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