Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Old One is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


The Old One has a close design to the Original Mickey Mouse, though with a darker color scheme and wider eye sockets, he wears a pair of darker gloves, sloppy shorts with small buttons and dark-yellow shoes. In some of it's renders, The Old One also features an eye with a grey pupil on his right eye socket, and a strange melt on his left eye socket, implying he's partially blind.


The Old One starts off-camera, outside of the building, once active, he'll be visible in the Roof, looking straight at the Camera. Soon, he'll change his position, implying he's about to enter the building, then he'll go to the Lounge camera, visible from the left corner, and finally, he'll make into your Office. To get rid of him, turn off the power and hide, until he goes away. Failing or neglecting to fend him off will result in death.


  • His shorts' design is based off of MickMick's from the cancelled FNaTI 4.0 remake (AKA FNaTI 4.5) that was being developed by PNM and Blackout.
  • The eye texture used in his model is the same used in the Inkblots from NBD 2016
  • On an earlier concept for the character, he was originally going to start inside of the building, on an off-camera area of the Storage Room.
  • He also has inspirations from the designs of 6.0