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The One is a Fan-made antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island.


The One heavily resembles Photo-Negative Mickey but with red cheeks, Small white glowing eyes, White liquid dripping from Their eye sockets and Black eyebrows.


The One will activate once PNM leaves Character Prep 1. They will start "mimicking" him, meaning that The One will be on the same Cameras as Photo-Negative Mickey, however, They will be slower than him. Once in the Office, You will have to close a Camera as soon as possible to get rid of Them. Failing to do so will result a Game Over.



  • The One was originally made on December 2nd, 2016
    • This means that The One is almost as old as FNaTI itself
  • At first, The One's "renders" we're edited existing renders of PNM, Suicide Mouse and "Past Mickey"
  • The One's Previous mechanic was very confusing and unfair
  • The One appeared in a FNaTI Fan Animation called Custom Gameplay Animation


  • BradfordRobot (Creator of The One and this Page)
  • Slimer (Made the Renders besides the Promo one)
  • AnArts1996 (Original Creator of Five Nights at Treasure Island)
  • Radiance Team (Current Owners of FNaTI)

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