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"She's not happy."

-The One and Only


The One and Only, also known as "T.O.A.O" for short is an unofficial antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.0 V 1.5. He speaks in an reverb but accurate Pete voice.


T.O.A.O has a black body, white face, and a tail. He looks like Pete, except that he has no overalls and has a red nose.


T.O.A.O is active in Night 9. He starts from the Broadcasting Room, then Character Prep 1, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, and finally, the Office. He walks in a straight line. The TV in the Broadcasting Room can be seen having a static screen, after 5 seconds, T.O.A.O's head can be seen peeking in the TV. He is staring directly at the camera in Character Prep 1. In the Staff Area, he can be seen facing at the right. In the Meat Freezer, he can be seen doing a shrug pose while walking. In the Office, he is at the right. The way to get him out of your Office is to shut off a camera. If the player doesn't do anything, T.O.A.O will crash the game.


· "She's not happy."

· "There you are!"

· "Please don't run away from me."

· "You are a monster."

· "She's here."

· "You are in big trouble."

· "I'm free!"

· "Hi there!"


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· He is based off Pete.

· He could be one of the black-and-white characters that fused to become Edd, since both of them having a red nose, black body, and white face.

· The quote "She's not happy." came from Oswald from FNaTI 2020.