"He was with me before... I miss him." - Mateo Anderson


The Original is a character based on "The Face." He shares a few similarities, such as lacking legs, eyeballs, and a droopy jaw. He is seen crawling most of the time, never standing up.


He will start off-camera in the Staff Area. He will not become active until Night 4. When he has become active, he will be peeking from the Staff Area door; this gives the player a chance to prepare for his next move. He has 3 phases:

1. He will be peeking from the Staff Area doorway.

2. He is eventually going to be seen crawling out.

3. He will finally be seen looking directly at the camera while sitting.

Next time the player pulls down the monitor, he will immediately teleport to The Office. The player can get rid of him by Hiding or Turning off the power. Shutting off a camera will not work, and doing so while he is in the office will cause him to kill the player faster.

The Original, when becoming active, will say:

"I am the original..."

"I will not be forgotten..."

"I am still here..."

"I'd like to play a game..."

"He... Isn't... Nice..."


He looks like a Normal Oswald suit but with huge eye-sockets and relatively small human eyes, just like The Face. He lacks any part of his legs, and his pants appear to be melted. He is always seen crawling, unlike The Face, who can be seen occasionally standing in Pirate Caverns.


The Original will only start in the Staff Area, and then teleport to The Office.

It is unknown why he can teleport that fast or how. He will appear on the Desk when he is in The Office.


  • The Original was first created in Gimp 2; he originally was an edit of The Face. Later on, the creator of the character, Mateo the Rabbit, added P. N. Mickey on Steam to discuss about the character. Mickey liked the character enough to make a 3D model with Blender. P. N. Mickey said "The Original" could become an "Easter egg" in Abandoned: Discovery Island. Chances are still pending.
  • Mateo made this character out of boredom.
  • The Original's name was born because of Oswald having the Spotlight before Mickey. And so, he was the original user of the "Spotlight" Mickey is standing on.
    • Coincidentally, there's also a character named "The Original" from the Five Nights at Freddy's fan-made game, Five Nights at Tubbyland 3: The End Game.
  • The Original has a voice like Dark Oswald, except it sounds like an old man; probably in honor to the character The Face, who was 100% inspiration for this character.
  • Photo Negative Mickey made the model of The Original in Blender. Huge thanks!
  • The Original was also created because Mateo likes Oswald, inspiring him to do 1 step into a whole new character.
  • The Original will say "He... Isn't... Nice..." He refers to "The Face," who took the Spotlight long ago.
    • It's also a reference to Willy's quote of a similar caliber, "He isn't nice," where he refers to Jake.
  • Classic Oswald, a user from Steam, helped Mateo create the character's, name, behaviour, chances, and multiple things, huge thanks to him too!
  • Oddly enough, The Original never stands up, but in his Teaser, he is seen standing up, like The Face in Pirate Caverns.


The Original's first teaser.

The Original Teaser

(OLD) Teaser

The Original's Teaser (Old)

I never forget. (OLD)

The Original's Teaser when he was just an edit of "The Face" (OLD) ---------------------------------------------->

Note: His ears are considerably smaller than average, considering this was Mateo's first teaser for "The Original," when he was just an edit of The Face. This teaser is OLD.

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