The Real Costume is a hallucination in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He looks same as The Reality did, but he looks similar to Photo-Negative Mickey.


He randomly replaces Photo-Negative Mickey with 0.5% chance and wanders around the island at 3 AM. Once he entered your office, you need to shut off power to get rid of him. However, he can disable your cameras and ability to turn off power, which makes player hopeless. Only hiding will work. Once you shut off power when he is in your office, he will fade away and won't be active anymore. Delaying or negleting to do so in 5 seconds would cause him jumpscare the player with his killscreen and crash the game. However, if you lucky to avoid him by hiding, he will be your friend and will help to avoid other suits. But this comes with risk.


  • He is the only character which is not a suit.
  • He acts similar to Yellow Mouse, but with different mechanic.
  • He is one of the Jake's hallucinations.
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