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"He is a guy that'll be crazy psycho shit face"

-Greg mention him in night 1

The Red Face is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island. Just like every shitty joke characters


The Red Face is a The Face but Red Mickey Mouse Texture. His eyes are derpy enough. before he's angrly smilely


The Red Face Starts in The Roof Same as Every The Face-Spin off Suit and goes down in-office added stickmins and his craziness. What you can do is Pull-out the cameras or else he will legit jumpscaring you

Gallery (Old)

Gallery (New)


The Red Face's Audio


  • He's shared a Luigikid-Mocks-a-Jumpscare-on-SUPER-MARIO.EXE Scream.
  • The Red Face is just a retarded suit. Much like every retarded suits.