The Restless is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


The Restless is a red figure that is rotted and destroyed. He is missing both of his arms and a third arm is attached to his chest. He has a wound on his chest revealing his rib cage. He has a spike for a leg and a skull for a head who lost it's bottom jaw.


He starts buried in the Treasure Island Graveyard then he moves to the Suit Storage, Character Prep 1, Staff Area, Meat Freezer and finally the Office. The player must hide under their desk to get rid of him.


  • Treasure Island Graveyard
  • Character Prep 1
  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • Office


  • "I was dragged down below"
  • "And you shall as well!"
  • "I'm restless for a reason"
  • "Bury me"


  • The Mickey head has no significance, it's just there for added spookiness.
  • His name when he was alive was George Humble.
  • George was an employee at Treasure Island.
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