Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Sewers is a Fan-made Location for Abandoned Discovery island that you would only see it after beating a Custom Night Challenge called "Bad Smell",This camera would be connected with the bathroom and your office,so certain suits will use it as a shortcut.


Just a normal sewer,it is a giant circle with water on the middle and mini-roads on the sides to let other suits pass through there

Active Suits

The Farter

The Face

Suicide Mouse


it was planned for everyone to use this camera as a shortcut,but this was scrapped because it would make the game way too hard

You were supposed to see the farter entering in a tunel to reach the bathroom,but this tunnel was removed due to design flaws with it

All the Poop related characters start through here

You can only access this camera if you beat one of the custom night challenges