Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Shadow Figure is a minor antagionist in ABD and very important lore wise. He starts in the Pirates Caverns.


The Shadow Figure is all black, and appears to be fuzzy, although this could just be motion blur, as it is always seen moving.


Like The Face, he first starts at in the Pirates Caverns, than becomes active on Night 4. He can be seen on any camera briefly running by. The player will than see him in the office. They must shut off the power or else The Shadow Figure will crash there game.


  • The Shadow Figure is AnnoyingDudes first creation.
  • A shadow figure seen in real life is thought to be a ghost.
  • The Shadow Figure was made after it's creator saw an Episode of Paranormal Lockdown.
  • The Shadow Figure is the only non-easter egg to crash the players game.