Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


One day A alien from space visited Treasure Island only to be caught by a spirit, possessing the alien and making it shapeshift into anything.


Well the true fully appearance of the alien is unknown but I will say it's a lizard humanoid (Maybe)


The shapeshifter is active on Night 5 and first appears in the Lounge.

At 4AM the alien will make loud moaning sounds, Each moaning sound is loud everytime the alien moves closer on CAM 6.

The last moaning is loud as it will not enter the office so hide under the desk before it slips right through you office and kill you.


This is the third character Domestosguy created.

It is the second Domestosguy character to not enter the office The other being Kingdom Hearts Mickey Suit.

This is the first shapeshifting alien character on this wiki.

In the jumpscare it's transforms to random characters alot.

It has a mixed jumpscare sound of all the FNATI characters.