Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Sinister is an Antagonist in A:DI RP. It is active on Sinister Night.


Appears in your office. The player only has 5 secs to shut off a camera otherwise he will kill the player.


  • Trivia possessed the Gold Suits.
  • he also leads the Gold Suits.
  • He is a fat version of Oswald with a sinster mash-up.
  • He is guilty about The Missing Employee Incident.
  • In the phone call, he was supposed to be the truth.
  • He controls The Greenman.
  • He currently Made Purple Mickey.
  • He is Using Impure Mouse, Suicide Mouse and Gold Acephalous as Puppets.
  • He has a voice thats very distorted and says unintelligible words.
  • he killed everyone.
  • he died in a fire once, but survived.
  • He used All the Gold Characters to kill Greg Hofley.
  • He corrupted the fire.