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"Hold It Right There"
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Disney's River County

  • Microorganism infestation.
  • Unresolved CORRUPTUS: "Clear Man" aka "See-Thru Man" aka "Friendly John".

-Corruptus Creepypasta


The spirit is an unexplained character, that is presumably a Distorted entity or Ghost. It's appearance is unknown, but it has two forms. One is the humanoid form, known as "Clear Man", that is barely visible, since is translucid, as it's mentioned in the Disney's River Country Creepypasta, and the other Distorted, tall, Dark and Mickey mouse like form, that is translucid too. These two are known as it's possible physical appearance.


The Spirit / Clear man starts in the Roof, and then it will appear in the Meat Freezer, and will enter to the Office. It can Appear from both entrances, even with the fact that it doesn't goes through the Lounge. You have to hide behind the desk inmediately, you'll even have got less time than normal to hide, otherwise it will kill you. Shut off a camera doesn't work on it at all. If you shut off the Power, you'll get immediately killed, since the Darkness is The Spirit's main place to kill you. It starts at Night 4, at 12AM, Making it a Hostile enemy. It can teleport and it's translucid, Making harder to find it in the Cameras.

Creepypasta The River Country Film



The Spirit's path through the island is :

  • Roof
  • Meat Freezer
  • The Office

Sometimes, it can teleport.

While moving, it says things like :

  • "God....God...Help GoD"
  • *laughing*
  • "There is no hope under the water"
  • "Why did you do it"


  • It's real form, origin or Gender is Unknown. It's not even known what is it.
  • It's a really​ dangerous enemy, probably being even more dangerous than Abandoned Mascot.
  • It originates from the Creepypasta "The River Country Film", and is briefly mentioned in the Corruptus Creepypasta.
  • It's one of the Seven "Corruptus".
  • It is possible that the Spirit is Able to change form.
  • One of his phrases is a reference to Creepypasta.


The Spirit's Mickey mouse like form. (Touch image to view it)