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He May Look Like The Face But He's Bleeding Yellow Blood From His Right Eye And His Left Eye Has A White Pupil, He Lacks His Right Ear, His Left Ear Is Almost Torn, And He Has A Little Bit Of Flesh.


"Why Did You Torture Me...?"

"It Hurts..."

"I Don't Like The Pain You Gave Me..."

"H-Help Me... I'm Suffering..."

"I Don't Wanna Die This Way..."

"Abandoned By Disney..."



The Suffering Face Is Quite Similar To The Suffered Face.

(The Suffered Face's Page: https://abandoned-discovery-island-rp.fandom.com/wiki/The_Suffered_Face)

He Is Still Suffering.

The Suffering Face Is Still Sad About His Torture.

Sound Files

(Voice Act For The Suffering Face?)