"The Suit" is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned:Discovery Island


"The Suit" is a combination of a dark goofy's body with daisy's head and Photonegative Minnie's gums and teeth.


"The Suit" has a 0.1% chance Corruptus on night 6 and the only way to defend against it is to turn off the power as soon as it enters the office.

It teleports to random places on Treasure Island,just like Corruptus.

"The Suit" has a shade counterpart of it's self that appears once you shut off the power,and you must hide from it when it attacks.


"The Suit" was created by Dat_Cat_WA[1] when he was messing around in blender,mixing parts and pieces together and changing colors from a pack[2] that includes the FNATI characters.



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