The Toon is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


The Toon used to be a normal young adult male. When he was a kid, he loved Disney and Mickey Mouse. He would usually make his room Disney like with a collection of Disney stuff. He would also usually go on trips to Disneyland and other resorts. However, when he goes to Discovery Island and takes a tour, he gets killed by a Mickey Mouse toon when he tries to greet him. Later, he got revived by god. His mind then corrupts due to the anger he has because Mickey killed him. He thought Mickey was a lovable character who loves everybody, he thought wrong. Now, he goes to find different toons to killed. He has found 4 of them; Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Oswald, and Ortensia. He has found them in a room where the toons lived and are created right next to the office. He killed all four of them. He made Oswald his pet and Minnie his bride due to his crush and obssession with Minnie when he grew up. He now wears a Mickey Mouse mask and uses a machete and other weapons like a knife, he is now known as " The Toon"


He appears to be a black figured man with a Mickey Mouse mask on. He would also be seen carrying a machete.


The Toon starts at night 5 in The Toon's Room. The room itself has no camera, but the door next to The Toon's Room can be seen labeled " Toon's Office". He will then later be seen coming out the door. He will also carry a machete to kill you. When in the office, the player must hide or he will kill you. While active, he will say things like " I am The Toon", " These toons will pay for what they have done", " You will not stop me", " You will never save them", and " I love Minnie".

He also appears on Night 6 if after you beat night 5 and type in the code " TOON" on the main menu, it will become a different night 6 called " Toon's night". You will first be seen in the office called by Greg about a guy who has visited this place, but died many years ago, and also explained that he has come alive and has killed 4 toons, but he believes that he has killed more. So now the SSA are trying to track him down and to stop him from killing the other toons. After the phone call, you will be seen in the Meat Freezer grabbing a butcher knife and heading down to The Toon's Room. once there, you will see the other toons. Murdered Mickey will see you and try to stab you, but he then stops and realizes that you're trying to help him. He then shows you what The Toon has done to them. And he and they needed your help to stop him. After that, The Toon will come out of his office with a machete to kill you. He will then say " Well, Well Well, look what he have here, I know you're trying to stop me, but it ain't happening, I used to love Mickey and his pals, until he killed me and made me hate him and Disney! And it's too late for them to apologize, because I have already slaughter them, so now I will slaughter YOU too! Oh Minnie my darling, wish me luck because i'm going to take that guy down for you and it will be your own present. * Laughs*

The fight then starts. You and The Toon both have health bars, your goal is to try to kill The Toon with the Butcher knife, he takes about 4 hits to defeat, same to you. You can dodge his attack, but he can dodge yours. You both can also clash with each other by masking the " X" button, if you win, then you attack. Once you have defeated The Toon, he will say " NO!!!! I can't believe it... have beaten me.... No matter! Oswald, get out of that cage and kill that guy, but he told him no and that he has enough taking his orders.

He then tries to attack Oswald, but Mickey uses his knife to stab him, but got knocked off. He then proceeds to strangle the player, the player is then later saved by Minnie. He then later ends up inside the cage and the toons then later gets healed by god and told them that Jake is a hero! You then get the Cartoon Ending.


The Toon starts at The Toon's Office, then goes to Toon's Room, Broadcasting Room, Character Prep 1, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, and then the office.


So far, it's been confirmed that 4 toons have been murdered by The Toon, more might be out there.

The Toon is revealed to be obsessed with Minnie.

He used Oswald as his pet.

He appears to hate Mickey now because of what happened.

He's named " The Toon" probably because his skin appears to be all black, which could possibly be ink. And he's wearing a mask of Mickey Mouse.

He's probably the only character where you actually fight with.

Credit to User:Photo Negative Mickey for the picture.

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