Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Maybe He Is A Corrupti Incident Suit?


Write the first section of your page here. The Two Is A Corrupted Suit, His Appreance, He Face Is Green With Suicide Mouse Pose, His Clothes Are Normal Mickey, His Eye Is Red, He Has White Circle Thing.


Write the second section of your page here. He Active On Night 8,He Start On Break Room, And You Cant See It Because Break Room Camera Broken, Then He Move To Stairway, Corrupting Pnm,Then He Move To Roof Flying Like Corruptus, Then He Move To Storage Room, Making The Area Is Messy, And He Move To Staff Area Corrupting Happy Mouse He Does Go Meat Freezer Making The Are More Messy Then He Move To Lounge, He Carry An Willy Head Then he Go Office, To Protect Your Self To The Two, You Must Shut 2 Camera Or You Can Deactive The Power But Have 60% Chance Will Work


All His Voice Are Corrupted "Weeelelelelcccommmeee TOotooo00 TTTHHHEHeeh HEeeEelLELLl"

"YoUUuUuuu ARRErrrreee MONSttTTeeer"

"Yoouuuuuuu shouuuuillldldlnnntnntttt exiiisisissst"

"Letttstsstsyysowi19 Play8×8}9920 WITH1££×£@£×€@£ Me81£×¥×¥"

"Heeeyeyyeueuey WANNNA929WIWIWIIWI seeeeeeewwe myyyyyeyyemmymy heaadadahahah coooelmemmeme ofofofofo?"(A Pnm Corrupted Voice)

"*evil laugh but corrupted*"



He maybe a abandoned suit Its Unknown If He Was Brother Of The One You Can Hear Very Corrupted Of Suicide Mouse Scream When He Go Staff Area If u click "381828" at title screen u will jumpscared by the two and the game crashed