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New The Ugly is a Fanmade character in Abandoned discovery island 2.6

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He the ugly is a former Disney employee and an A:DI SSA friend of Jake.


The Ugly is a Mickey Mouse toon with no demon tail or eyes and he is dark red


He starts in Pirate Caverns on Night 3 and if the player takes the VHS tape without taking anything else the player can access floor 0. If the player goes to Floor 3 they will be chased by the ugly and if they try to enter Henry's area he will jumpscare the player. While he chases the player he will say things like this: "You cannot pass." or "You shouldn't have revived me!"  Character Prep 2 then moves to Staff Area then the Meat Freezer and finely The Office the ugly might sometimes enter the Storage Room to hide before entering the Meat Freezer.


3am is another demon jumpscare