Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Info (The Unfinished)

The Unfinished Looks Like A Chibi Minnie But Her Face Is Stitched, She Is Also Crying, Her Nose And Mouth Are Bleeding.

Quotes (The Unfinished)

"Help Me..."

"I Don't Wanna Die..."

"It Hurts..."

"Save Me From This Hell..."

"Jake, Help Me... I'm In Terrible Pain..."

"*light crying*"

Facts (The Unfinished)

The Unfinished Is A Friendly Suit, But The Insane Isn't.

She Suffered A Lot Of Pain From Her Sister The Insane.

Sound Files (The Unfinished)

(Anyone Wanna Voice Act For The Unfinished?)

Info (The Insane)

The Insane Looks Like A Chibi Minnie, But Her Colors Are Inverted, Blood Is All Over Her, And She Is Crying Blood.

Quotes (The Insane)

"You'll Never Escape Me..."

"God Will Never Save You Now..."


"I Will Rip Your Heart Out..."

"Your Body Will Be Soon Torn To Shreds..."

"You Will Die A Slow And Painful Death By Me..."

"I Will Rip Out Your Flesh..."



Facts (The Insane)

The Insane Is Hostile, But The Unfinished Isn't.

She Is Also Insane, That's Why Her Name Is The Insane.

The Insane's Voice Is 20% Demonic And Distorted And Loud.

Sound Files (The Insane)

(Anyone Wanna Voice Act For The Insane?)

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The Unfinished

The Insane