Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
Are you looking for his other counterparts, Chip and Dale, Decayed Chip and Dale, or The Conjoined slime?

"We've been hearing about this "chipmunk" lately. We don't who it is, and what does it look like."



The Unused is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 V 1.5. He is heavily inspired by The Face and Chip and Dale. He speaks in a whispering voice.


The Unused has a brown body, black and white stripes at the back and the tail, a wide mouth, ears that are similar to Chip and Dale, real human eyes, and a red nose. Also, he lacks legs like The Face.


The Unused is active on Night 6. He starts from Character Prep 2, then the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer and lastly, the Office. In Character Prep 2, he is seen staring directly to the camera. In the Staff Area, he is seen facing at the right. In the Meat Freezer, he is staring directly to the camera, while his body is facing to the right. In the Office, he is in front of your desk. The mechanic to get him out of your office is to shut off the power. If the player doesn't do anything, The Unused will crash the game.


· "Oh no, no, no. The computer is not listening to your cries for help, only that of my stomach growling ever so loudly for you, friend."

· "Where is he?"

· "Who is he?"


· The end of the 1st quote, "friend." could explain that The Unused was a SSA intern, but was stuffed in a suit.

· The 1st quote came from Dexter's Lab (spoof). Which can be found here.

· He could be an unused version of Dale, since both have red noses, and black and white stripes at the back, but The Unused has a darker brown body, while Dale has a brighter brown body.

· He is made for fun.