The Visage

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The Visage is a fan made suit in Abandoned-Discovery Island 2.0 and Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: The Magic Kingdom.


"It" is a Minnie Mouse Suit from the 1970's, But distorted. It has a head similar to The Face's, it has no arms, it's eyelashes are still remaining.

Behavior (A:DI 2.0)

The Visage starts on Night 8 or 7. When she is active, you will hear a loud crash. She starts from the break room , all the way to the Office. She doesn't have a kill effect, not death screen, so it will just result a game over by her. Shut off a camera for her to leave. Hiding doesn't do ANYTHING to her.


  • She is Impure Mouse.
  • She has The Face trapped inside her.
  • Like Oswald, she doesn't have any arms.
  • In her old creation, she had no head.
  • In Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: The Magic Kingdom, she is Photo-Negative, dirty, and eyeless.
  • She doesn't have Jumpscare in A:DI 2.0 so you're immedietaly send to the Static screen instead.

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