Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Walrus



The Walrus First becomes active on Night 3. His starting location is Bedroom 1 he then moves to Breakroom 1 - Hallway E - Breakroom 2 - Meat freezer - Spare Room A - Office.


When The Walrus enters your Office He will immediately appear In front of your Desk and shake and shiver while the Lights turn on and off, You will need to Snap Three photos of him to make him leave your room. Charge your Photo camera after he leaves because The Walrus Is a very quick enemy and can Ambush you at any Given Moment.


  • The Walrus Is the hardest enemy to deal with in the game due to his speed and Wits but when Custom night comes and you put him on Madhouse mode he gets real and his attack pattern and speed become twice as difficult as normal.
  • The Walrus Is my personal favorite because of his design and difference from the other Treasure Island characters and how he acts.
  • I was originally Going to pair the Carpenter with him as a double duo, they would go through the vents with different patterns which would make You need to keep a close eye on both. but I scrapped him to make room for the walrus because of his mechanic with a less predictable nature and ambush attacks to challenge the Player.