Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Wicked Mouse is a fan made Easter egg on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


She appears to be Minnie with a witch's hat and clothing. She also has a broom and a magic broom. She's also green.


She only appears starting in night 2 if the player types in " Witch" on the main menu. She will be starting in Character Prep 1, then will be using her broom to fly over to the office similar to NOswald running. When in the office, she will get off the broom. The player must shut off a camera or she will use her wand to do bad things like make the toons more active, disable all the cameras for the rest of the night until the power is turned off, disable the power, and prevent you from hiding. After she does one of those things, she will be a cackling laugh and then leave. She does not return for the rest of the night also.


She starts in Character Prep 1. Then goes to Staff Area, Meat Freezer, and then the office.


She's probably the only Easter Egg character to disable a mechanic.

She's only active once per night if she uses one of her spells.