Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


He's a black Mickey silhouette, with missing left arm and right leg. It lacks nose for some reason. He's black because he is silhouette like trophy, not a shadow. He mostly hides in rooms, not counting the camera close staring at Storage Room. He also has neon red eyes.


Its the only character from withered gang to start from Meat Freezer. As said before, he starts at Meat Freezer, hiding at the shadows, but his red neon eyes can be seen. He will then go to Staff Area, being at very left side. He will then either appear on Storage Room, staring very closely into camera, or Character Prep 2, where he will from there crawl through the vents. Seal it. Failure to do so will cause jumpscare. When you disabled the power, listen for creaking. It means he will come out of the desk. When you hear it, stay still, until neon eyes can be seen. Flash the light then. When the eyes are at high level, he will jumpscare you. When eyes are not seen, and you flash light but hear the creaking, he will then also jumpscare.


  • He was going to jumpscare the player during power out no matter what when he entered, but it was scrapped.