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The big boss, also known as 'Big nigga' is a level 35 boss mickey mouse toon possesed by a drug dealer gangster.


The big boss is a dark skinned mickey mouse toon with a fedora to show how much of a nice guy he is and some glasses.His weapon of choice is a TEC-9


He will start outside of Treasure island,he will climb the roof, move to the meat freezer, the lounge and then he will enter the office.To fend him off you must NOT allow him to enter the office.If he does,he will shoot you with his TEC-9.You must shut off a cam to send him to another location, but if he is in the lounge then you must hide before he enters the office.


  • Just like Meth mickey, he also sells drugs on the black market during the daytime.
  • He supplies meth mickey with his cocaine, which is why he is always high.
  • It is unknown as to how he found his fedora or his Tec-9
  • Just like meth mickey, he also browses e621 and sometimes he and meth mickey watch furry porn together, but because they say 'no homo', then its not gay.
  • You can find him in the Pirate caverns selling cocaine to the other toons and you can even buy some for 3.99.


'You picked the wrong island fool!'

'Come outta yo hidin spot ya bitch ass n***a'

'Oh im commin! Ya better watch out!'

'Ya want a piece of this n***a dick,n***a?'

'My gun gon go bam bam bam on yo ass!'

'You don't want these problems ya bitch ass'