Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Wait who?

so you want to talk about him?... let's just say he is the reason why your favorite fan made suits are here... OK let me give him a little more lore. he once was a happy little red mickey mouse until the corrupt incident caused the demon inside him to break out possessing him.


TBP has a pinkish white face and a red skin-tone baby blue phantom eyes. he has a missing ear lots of holes on his hands, arms, chest and head with a pink smoke coming out with a suspicious red aura glowing out out of each hole

his pants are a dark purple with green buttons and neon brown shoes


TBP will start in the green cove as just a pure red mickey prop in the far left. then he gets out of his prop form and becomes his inner demon he looks like he is staring at bobcat but if bobcat leaves before him (which is pretty unlikely) he will just stare at the camera. he will then move to the caverns entrance cam where it looks like he is cashing out at the register. then he moves to the lounge where he can be seen in the bottom left just starring at you. he will go to the office where you need to either hide or shut off a cam both have a 100% chance of survival but turning off the power gives you a 69% survival rate. ether way neglecting to do these actions resulting in a game over


"you shouldn't be risking your life bud it's not a good idea to toy with us!"

"I think you don't know my true power!"

"us suits were neglected and now you shall as well!"

" I might look cute but just you wait"

"the aura inside me glows internal but for you?... YOUR SOUL WILL BE BURT AND COOKED AND EATEN!!!"


  • he wants someone to get his anger out on other people that's why he has gone to the therapist more times then even Psycho Mickey
  • it is true he considers Aura Mickey a uncultured swine
  • despite he is known as TBP he prefers to be called firefly mickey
  • he has a friend called haunting Oswald who is still lurking around
  • his name when he was a employee was hfCggbo@nlfdy^Zg9e793*7ab=1987
  • unlike the other suits who just went sentient TBP is controlled by a demon