Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Coge Mickey Mouse is a fan made hidden easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.6


He looks similar to Photo-Negative Mickey, except that he has red hell textures (red half orange), and has widened eyesockets.


He randomly appears at Character Prep 1 once Photo-Negative Mickey left the room. If you look at him for too long, then he will become active. He can't be visible on cameras, since they are flickering. Once he entered The Office, the player must hide under the desk or shut off the power to fend him off. Failing or not doing anything will result in a jumpscare, and eventually crash the game.


  • The original suit was created by FateForWindows.
    • However, due to his bad appearance, the creator decided to remake him.
  • When he's is in Character Prep 1 and The Office, he looks transparent.
    • But on his death screen, he isn't transparent.
  • He rarely becomes active on Night 1, but more active on Night 4.
    • But he can be also active on the Custom Night as the player's choice.
  • He was added on the Halloween Update.
  • If the player looks at the flickering camera for too long, he will teleport to The Office instantly.
    • However, if they shut off CAM 3 while he is active, he will be vanished and won't be active until the next night.
  • In the newer versions, he was removed due to changes model.