it is a corpse inside a croc like suit that crawls around on all fours with no bottom jaw on the uit with the adition off its front claws being flesh hands and its suit tail is missing


it starts on night 4 and rearly on night 3 it starts off camera befor it will be seen standing on the roof it will thene be seen crawling into the storgae room througth a unseen chimny offcamera before it will be seen in the staff area the lunge thene the office it can also come througth both entrances


.in a rare death screen it is reveled to be made off 4 corpses a its mask will be off and the four heads are    appearing in this screen

.it is a refrence to the eyesaur from johnocromes one night at flumptys

.it will sometimes be seen in character prep 1 being seen shaking the camera befor it shuts off otimaticly

.it has 2 jumpscares one being a jump forward and the other only appearing if you found the rare death screen showing the mask lift up and the 4 heads spring out

.wene there jumpscare noise is reversed it can be heard screaming HELP US JAKE!

.it is unkowen how they know jake's name

.it sometimes speaks wene moveing wene it dose it can say

.em pleh whitch is help me backwars

.TI DID UOY witch is YOU DID THIS backwars

.su evas lliw dog itch is god will save us backwards

.EW ERA DAED witch is WE ARE DEAD backwards witch is the suit talking

.EID UOY LIWW witch is YOU WILL DIE backwards


.they seem to think jake killed theme and they want to use jake as food

.they seem to be all male as they seem to be more agressive

.my gosh this is one off the longest things iv'e done EVER!

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