the deadly is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.6


It is similar to True Mickey, but body all red


the deadly will start at meat room, then makes his way to the office the office. In order to get rid of him, the player must hide under the desk. Shutting the power will get rid of him but he won't be stopped by it. Failing to do will jumpscare the player, either killing him or taking him to a battle based on Sans from Undertale, when in battle with The Mystical, he will fire green or red bones and green Mickey Mouse heads. The player must shoot at him with yellow beams in order to defeat him but beware, he has lots of health like at least around 50,000 health in battle, the beams will usually do 100 damage.


He is connected with deadly Undying. He rarely appears in Floor 2 Pirate Caverns in Undying's Room.

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