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The Dog is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He seems to be a 1961 Goofy costume, nothing has changed on him.


The Dog starts in the Storage Room behind the boxes, then he is seen crawling out behind them, then he goes to the Staff Area, then the Meat Freezer, Lounge, and finally the Office. The player must shut off a camera to make him go away, neglecting or failing will make him jumpscare the player.


  • He originally was in a really tattered state, but his current design is a completely normal 1961 Goofy costume.
  • He used to be a fan-made decimated character, but now he is a normal fan-made character.
  • His promo is an edited version of Normal Goofy.
  • He was the first ever character Atlestar made on the Abandoned: Discovery Island rp wiki.