Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


The FNaTI Mug is a fan-made Easter Egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


The FNaTI Mug is a mug with a print on it saying "Incosolata, Condensed Light" and there's also a Minnie in the mug looking at you with a creepy face.


The Mug has a 1/500 chance of entering your Office when you close your monitor,if you see the mug in your table quickly open your monitor, If you don't open it then The FNaTI Mug will crash your game.


  • Peytonphile has this mug in his house.
  • The Mug was supposed to show up on the cameras, but this idea got scrapped.
  • This was supposed to be a actual FNaTI merch (I think).
  • This was a joke that started on Radiance discord server.
  • MickMick, Oswald and Suicide Mouse can't enter the office if the mug is in there because they are too scared of it.