the majmouse is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.6


Disney's mascot room former Disney (Mickey mouse Reflecting how he died)


the mickey mouse the majmouse looks like the classic Mickey Mouse, his face is a pale color. (Reflecting how he died)


He starts in the Pirate Room then moves to the CP1 , then to the Meat Freezer and finally, the Office.


  • Pirate room
  • CP1
  • Meat Freezer
  • Office


  • go play ps2 jake
  • die


  • He rarely becomes active on Night 1, but mega more active on Night 8.
  • It seems someone has died inside this suit...
  • Dark colors are only on this suit
  • But he can be also active on the Custom Night as the player's choice All Day.
  • Possibly, that idea was scrapped.
  • In the newer versions, he was removed due to removed mascot jojo
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