Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


they look the same from the teasters for slendytubbtes 3 being skin collard looking teletubbys with now arms and start hunched over with vanes that pulsate and no eyes


the newborns are uniqe as newborn 1 has a randomly generated path while newbrn 2 has a set path they both start at the entrance to pirates cavern 2 will thene go to the meat fezzer the lounge but both newborns are different to counter newborn 1 will ranomdly appear on the roof were a button will appear saying stop evelavtior as if it hits 0 a total off 18 newborns conbined with 1 and 2 will rush into the pffice trammpiling you to death while number 2 will walk through the office were you have to keep quiet


they are only easter eggs/antagonits

newborn ones mechanic is basted off the first promo for chapter 3 as a army off newborns are seen aproching a facility

they have a chance to switch roles with gofy and normal oswald