Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Thicc futa undying is undying after he transcends into the Masturbation realm.


After being alone in the pirate caverns for quite some time, undying started feeling very lonely, but he decided to use his loneliness to his advantage to get rid of all the boners he has been getting lately.After 2 weeks of extreme meat beatings and socks full of cum he managed to transcent into the masturbation realm. In the process, his skin colour got burned off, making it white and shiny. He also grew breasts and became extra thicc. He also got the most extreme boner of his life. Because of how big it was, he couldnt just beat it like he did with the rest of his boners, so he had to fuck someone with it in order to get rid of it.He then realised that the night guard was his best target.


Thicc futa undying will start in the roof, then move to the meat freezer,then the lounge and then the Office. When he is in the office you must hide under your desk to make him go away. If you do not hide under the desk a very detailed cutscene will play which shows Undying fucking the player to death, then returning to his original look.