Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


The suit was left behind til a soul came and took control of the suit. Another 20 years pass and it is very dusty. It was hideous so it hid somewhere in the Lounge.


It resembles a Mickey Mouse Costume but it is dusty and water is seen on him. He has nothing changed.


He starts in Lounge before moving to Bathroom, CP1, Meat Freezer and Character Prep 2 before appearing in the office. The player needs to shut off a camera otherwise he will kill the player.

Pirate Caverns

In Pirate Caverns you cant see him but you'll him laugh, moan and scream. If he laughs look to the left, if he moans look to the right and if he screams just face forward. If you fail this he will kill you.


"Who left me?"

"I felt like it"

"Its not over yet"

"Its time to die"

"I know your secrets"

Pirate Caverns (Quotes)

"Laugh 01"

"Laugh 02"

"Moan 01"

"Moan 02"

"Scream 01"

"Scream 02"


His 2nd laugh in Pirate Caverns is actually a deeper tone of Bowser's laugh from Hotel Mario.

His jumpscare is actually him eating your head.

His desk jumpscare is him grabbing your body and punching you.

He is known as "Abandonmouse".