Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Timekeeper Minnie is one of the antagonist on ADI"


Her appearance is similiar to her normal counterpart, Minnie except her color is greyscale and has several clock on it.


She will stay on Forgotten Prep with number 12 on her head, evertime you must change the clock by pressing the number on her head. Example if your clock hits 2 AM you must change by 2. Not doing that will result a jumpscare! She doesn't have a 6 number because obvious reasons. She also will vanish for a while when the power is OFF, making an advantage.


She can enter these place;

  • Forgotten Prep
  • Office(You're Dead)


  • Hoho the clock changing, come here and change my number!
  • It's [1, 2, 3, 4 or 5] AM buddy! Change the number!
  • Tick tock time is marching!


  • She is based on Timekeeper Freddy from FnaF:Ultimate Edition.
  • Her behaviour was originally able to summon character that don't appear in any night(Even custom night!)
  • Another scrapped idea was if the in-game clock start to stop you must spam click on it to make it work again, if you left it for too long she will kill you.
  • There was a bug that she would enter your office immedietaly when the night start. This was later fixed on V 1.0.5 And higher
  • She is one of character that stay on Forgotten Prep
  • No she isn't based on Timekeeper Cookie from CR:OB