Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Did he no-scoped Mickey?" - Mateo Anderson


Timon is a Fan-Made Character by the user Turn999 from Steam. He was requested to be posted here.

Timon is also known as Xx_Timon_xX or QUICKSCOPED


Timon will appear everywhere, he will explore every single spot of the Island before going to The Office, he can be easily avoided by just staring at him, every Noscoper worst nightmare is to be spotted, so he leaves and tries again later. This is a disadvantage as the player might have to pull up the monitor to shut down a camera, to lure a suit away, this giving Timon a chance to quickscope the player, he MIGHT crash the game when the player dies. (30% for that to happen, to be exact) When the player dies, it goes into a Kill-Cam in the perspective of Timon.

Timon thinks he is on Ca(r)ll of Duty: Black (C)ops.




He is a guy with Blonde hair, unusual blue eyes and a white hoodie with a black shirt underneath it. He has blue pants and black shoes.


  • Timon is a pro quickscoper.
  • His screech is an MLG scream.
  • He is known to go by his own rules, further explaining why he goes ANYWHERE.
  • He was requested to be published here.
  • He is PROBABLY an easter egg.
  • Timon is a sinner, so if he quickscopes the player when MS Paint Mickey is on the Office, extra voices will be heard.
  • Theres a chance that he fails the quickscope if the player pulls up the camera.