Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

tinkey winkey is an antagonist in abandond discovery island


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looks like his apperance from slendytubbies his only diffrince it that he has white tubbys blood stained hat in his hand he also has a rope on his back and is dragging a blood stained chainsaw he also has two eyes stched to a pice of cloth that sometimes appears on the desk his shade is his apperance from the 2nd slendytubbies game exepy he has no legs and a balck cut on his chest with blood ozzing out


he starts moveing on night 4 and onwards  his first phase is hearing the theme from the first game after that his face flashes on all the tvs in the broadcasting room thene he can be seen crawling out of one of the tvs as soon as he is gone hide as he will appear on the office


you cant hide from me

i will find you

i see you

you better start running

come out come out wherever you are


only his shade can talk

his shade only appears by typing C U S T A R D in any cam

his main jumpscare consits off him  jumping over the table and shoveing the chinsaw fowerds

his shades jumpscares consits off his face  flashing on the screen and all his quotes at once

his jumpscres sounds are his first game scream and second game scream

if his shade is to appear in character prep 1 his shade can be sen backing photo negative mickey into the corner

this is beacuse photo negative is the one who made the cut on his chest

it is hennry  who cut his shades legs off

he is the one who helped undying kill hennry

sometimes he can mumble the other teletubbys names being dipsy lala and po

he is the only character not counting jeff to weld a wepon

sometimes something far worse can appear