Tom and Jerry are two antagonists in Five Nights at Treasure Island.


Tom and Jerry are two suits at Treasure Island, that were never got used and so have their dusty look. Their eyes got ripped off as well.


Tom is a blue/grey cat suit. He has a dusty look and no eyes. He is also smiling as well.

Jerry is a brown mouse suit. He is one of the smallest suits, if not the smallest. He lost his right arm and has no eyes. Like Tom, he has a dusty look.


They become active on Night 4.

Jerry starts in the Lounge. When not watched enough or the Lounge camera got shut off, he will move to the Office. The Player has to press the C button to create an cat noise, which will make Jerry go back to the Lounge.

Tom starts in the Meat Freezer and randomly goes to the Bathroom and Staff Area. He has a 5% chance of going to the office. When using the cat noise, the chance will get increased by 20%. When Tom gets into the office, the player has to hide under the desk for 7 seconds. However, when you hide, Jerry can attack you faster.


Jerry makes currently only an giggle when moving to the Office.

Tom says the following quotes when moving:

  • "Where is he?"
  • "Something happened..."


  • In The Custom Night, you can change the AI ​​only from both and not individually.
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