Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Tombstone Mickey is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.



Tombstone Mickey appears to be a Mickey Mouse suit that is entirely made out of grey stone and black eyes with red pupils. He also has a gravestone he brings everywhere that always reads "R.I.P | Jacob "Jake" Smith | "Crap" ".


Tombstone Mickey will be active on Night 5 but will be more active as the nights go on. He is a bit faster than Photo-Negative Mickey.

When moving, he will say the following quotes:

"This is going to be your grave."

"Welcome to your personal hell."

"This should be fun."

"You can't run from me."

"I know where you are."

"I see you."

If Tombstone Mickey appears in the office, the player has to shut off a camara, failing to do so will result in Tombstone Mickey jumpscaring the player.


Tombstone Mickey will appear in the Storage Room, then he'll move to the Staff Area, enter Character Prep 1, go back to the Staff Area, enter the Meat Freezer, then he'll proceed to enter the lounge and finally, will move to the Office.


  • Tombstone Mickey is based on Grave Stone from the FNAF fangame, POPGOES.
  • The word "Crap" on the grave Tombstone Mickey brings with him appears to be a word that is used when someone is in extreme danger.
  • In Revision 1, Tombstone Mickey's quotes are replaced with the following quotes:

"We know where you are."

"I am going to rip your head off."

"Do you wanna play Hide and Seek?"

"May God have mercy on your soul."

"You will not be spared, you will be forgotten."

"God will not save you this time."

  • Tombstone Mickey's jumpscare is similar to Mr Skull's jumpscare execpt the mask in Mr Skull's jumpscare is replaced with Tombstone Mickey's gravestone.
  • Tombstone Mickey might represent the element, earth as the material he is made out of along with gravestones, rock or stone, are part of the Earth element.