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Toon's Bride is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Toon's Bride used to be a Minnie Mouse toon. She was wandering around " The Toon's Room" with Mickey Mouse. The Toon sees Minnie and has a crush on her, until he sees her holding hands with Mickey which makes him very angry. He ended up killing Mickey and kidnapped Minnie and ended up killing her because she was trying to get away from The Toon and says that she does not love him. So now she's controlled by The Toon and is confirmed as " Toon's Bride".


She appears to resemble Minnie except in a Pretty, Pink dress and still has her pink bow tie. Her mouth is wide open and her eyes are gone, dripping out a black liquid. She also has a heart drawn on her left chest with The Toon's head inside it which is Mickey Mouse's head. The drawing is drawned from Blood.


Toon's Bride starts at night 3 in The Toon's Room. When in the office, the player must shut off a camera or she will kill you. While active, she will say things like " I am The Toon's bride", " I love The Toon, not Mickey", " He's so handsome", " I will kill you for my love" " I hate Mickey Mouse", and " I will give The Toon my present, which is your death"


Toon's Bride starts at The Toon's Room, then goes to The Broadcasting Room, Character Prep 1, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, and then the office.


She's called " Toon's Bride" is because The Toon has a crush on her, so he decided to control her by putting blood on her chest and drawing a heart and his face on it.

Her quotes mean that she loves The Toon and not Mickey due to the control.