Torture Photo Negative Mickey

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She appearance is based-off by Photo-Negative Mickey and Damned Oswald, her colors are black-phantomed look, inspired-off FNATI OC character.

Active on another nights


She becomes similiar to Torture Animatronics from TRTF 5, her lines are glitched, robot and recorded. She haves arms before on Meat Freezer holding the Goofy head, Her jumpscare is used from Photo Negative Mickey gif but blackened and burned and much more gloomified.

Version 1

Likes old appearance from TRTTI5OLDVERSION , her eyes is on version of black, nightmare-like eyes, and phantom-like eyes. She starts appearing in Night 2(Fnati Finale) from versions.


However, her appearance is more resembles Version 1 counterpart, but more finished and unfinished heards. However, he has only heard in game.


  • Sence Torture Photo Negative Mickey wasn't included Version 3 at TRTTI 5.
  • Torture PNM could be unused character in Version 3 unfinished demo.
  • Torture PN Minnie is scrapped too along with Torture PNM because unfinished planned RAM emotions.
  • Sence Torture Photo Negative Suits wasn't included in Version 3 UNFINISHED DEMO
  • Torture Nightmare PN Mickey is too chance to replacing Torture PNM in Unfinished Demo.

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