Toxald is an fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He is another teenage boy who went missing. In the other Disney attraction that Trapcot was in, He was a trouble maker. He run around and grabs off a guy's Donald head costume then puts it on. Then, he went inside a building with a sticky, green slime. He goes in it and for a few hours, was killed by it. He is now possessed and is now considered a gascot like Trapcot.


He appears to be a brown skin teen. He wears a Donald head costume that has eyes cut out revealing his blood shot red eyes. He also wears a green shirt. He is also covered in a sticky, green slime. There are some inside the beak mouth of the suit head and all over his clothes, arms, legs, and skin.


He starts in the Gascot room. The player must generate the gas to make him stay or else he will leave. When in the office, the player must hide or he will kill you.


He has the same starting location and movement pattern as Trapcot.


  • It's unknown what the green slime is. It's believed to be toxic as it killed Toxald.
  • He is another male teen who is now a gascot, other being Trapcot.
  • Toxald's name originates from " Toxic" and " Donald". The reason being is because he's wearing a Donald head costume and is covered in green slime which is considered toxic.
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