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Toxic is a walking human corpse who still wonders Treasure Island. Toxic is a character which references Room Zero with it's gas mask look and all else.


Toxic was once a young adult named Phil, which had to wear a gas mask like all the rest because of a chemical outbreak several years ago. Many years afterwards the chemicals in the air had worn off, allowing the air to be breathable again. You may be wondering, how did Toxic die, and why is he named Toxic. This is because the clean air he was given in his gas mask to breathe was not clean at all, being  the deadly chemicals he breathed in, causing him to die. Since then his body had been hiden under the ground of the island in a bunker that no one had ever found. When Disney opened the Island, and the Unknown White Being had given life to the mascot costumes, she had aswell found Toxic's body, and gave life to him like she did with Henry's body. Which allowed him to then wander the Island, looking for revenge on the one who killed him.


Toxic is a young adult male, who wears a gas mask and a beanie hat. He wears a black zipped up jacket, with black jeans and boots. Because of Toxic being a lifeless being, his skin is a light grey color. Toxic's eyes cannot be seen in the eyeholes of the gas mask because of the toxic steam inside the mask covered it, had had not taken the mask off since.


Toxic becomes active on Night 5. Toxic can wonder the Island even with the Power on or off, because of his paranormal state, his eyessight can be like thermal heat, allowing him to notice if a human is nearby because he can see the heat travelling around their body, aswell for their shape. 


Toxic's accessable locations are:

  • Roof
  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • Bathroom
  • Lounge
  • Office