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Toxic Bill is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


Bill is from Violette1st and his appearance is similar to an episode of Violette1st called BILL HAS FALLEN AND HE CAN'T GET UP!!!, but he lacks his left hand, right arm and legs. Also, his eyes are black and has a red pupil.


Abandoned: Discovery Island

He will start lying down in Storage Room, and then goes to the Bathroom, The Roof, Meat Freezer, and then enters the office. If he's in your office, the player must shut off a cam to make him leave. He doesn't jumpscare the player but will cover toxic background, but if the background is fully toxic, the player will faint and will cause a game over.

Five Nights At Violette's

He will start in the Scrap Room and then moves to The Living Room, Bathroom, Staircase, Hallway 1, and then the office. If he is in your office, the player must shock him. But if he's behind you, there's a door there. Just simply shut the door. Failing to do so will cause him to jumpscare the player, resulting a game over



While moving, he will say those quotes

  • "Jerk!"
  • "Frigging Dingbat."
  • "I will cut your head off, jerk."
  • "I love Big Macs."


While moving, he can say the following quotes

  • "I am m-m-more intelligent than that j-jerk"
  • "You w-won't stop me from e-eating jerk"
  • "F-f-freaking d-d-ding-je-r-rk"


When moving, he can go to:

  • Storage Room
  • Bathroom
  • The Roof
  • Meat Freezer
  • Lounge
  • The Office


  • His appearance is supposed to not lacks his arms, but while the creator edit this, the pic of Violette1st wiki lacks his left hand and right arm
  • He is the first Violette1st character to be made in the roleplay
    • And currently outdated
  • There's a chance that Toxic Bill takes a poop in the toilet
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