Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The game's first level map

Game Description

While Treasure Island is still under construction, an explorer, called Mike, taked a ride to Treasure Island. He found the island, and after exploring it a bit, Henry found a hole in the floor. Without thinking it two times, Henry goed into the hole, and found a catacomb. He turned on his flashlight and beginned to explore, until he heard a Mickey Mouse voice say: "Hey! Wanna see my head come off?"

About the Game

This was User:Budgie2712's first Five Nights at Treasure Island fan-game, but it was never released due to troubles in the planning stage. The game was first planned in 2016, and a few drawings about it were made, but nothing happened until 2017, when Budgie beginned to work with other people to make this game real. The game was still in planning until December of 2017, when Budgie began working with Cinema 4D to make the game, before switching to Blender. Later the game was cancelled, but Budgie began working in the game again in 2018 without his team. Without his team, Budgie lost a lot of motivation, then, he officially cancelled the game. The image that is in the begin of the page is the only image about the game that Budgie recovered.

Gameplay Summary

The gameplay was simple, made with Unity, this game was going to be a adventure, puzzle and first-person horror game. With 5 levels in the Catacombs, the player must find all the keys to escape from the catacombs. The rest of the gameplay, including the endings are actually unknown.


Budgie doesn't know if there's other characters for the game, but the humanoids were not present.


  • Catacombs Entrance
  • Destroyed Character Prep 1
  • Basement 1
  • Basement 2
  • Bathrooms

The rest of locations are unknown.


  • Budgie took inspiration of this game to make his future game, The Forgotten Park: River Country.
  • The Face was cancelled in this game.
  • This game has no cameras non-office, it was a free roam game.
  • Budgie actually lost most of the game's files, except Putrid Minnie's model.